Happy International Chardonnay Day!

Date: 22-May-2019

Happy International Chardonnay Day! Raise a toast to this special day with a glass of Cave de Lugny.

Originally produced in Burgundy, France, now Chardonnay grow in most wine regions throughout the world.

Chardonnay grapes are impressive, the grapes are so versatile that they can make anything from still dry wine to sweet wines or even sparkling.

It became very popular in the 1980’s and is now, once again, seeing a resurgence in the international consumer market. The chardonnay wine style is generally known for its oak, buttery flavours in new world wines and its lean, crispy mineral wines in old world wines such as Chablis.

Based in the village of Lugny, the Caves de Lugny is a large cooperative with 250+ members. Over 85% of the vineyards are planted with Chardonnay grape varietal. The Cave de Lugny receives grapes from 232 estates extending over 27 communes. 

Our top pick to celebrate this special day in style:

Cave de Lugny, Macon Villages 17

This wine has depth, intensity and so much flavour. It’s fresh and intense with glorious notes of zesty citrus, delicate white flowers and honey. 

Cave de Lugny, La Carte Macon Lugny 2015

Clear and shiny goldish yellow, with green hints when young, it offers fresh and subtle citrus aromas with notes of exotic fruits and honey.

Try them with a piece of St Agur, a match made in heaven