Boizel Vintage Report

Date: 27-10-2021


Florent Roques-Boizel had this information to share regarding the 2021 vintage in Champagne 

“In 2021, many climatic hazards made vineyard management particularly complicated with sometimes dramatic consequences for the vineyard. Fortunately, the harvesting season eventually went well. Quantities were limited, but the quality of harvested grapes was up to our standards, even excellent in some areas.

Whether it is about the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Meunier, all of them show good ripeness. Musts are aromatic and, above all, have high acidity levels. This is one of the main distinguishing features of this year. The ripeness of the grapes combined with a very good acidity level reminds us of the quality of the 1996 or 2012 vintages, which produced wonderful wines for aging.

This 2021 harvest required a very special sorting process when picking up the grapes in order to keep the best ones only. As a result, yields were lower than what the Champagne appellation allows them to be, but this made it possible to keep a good quality for harvested grapes.

Our reserve wines will play a very important role, especially due to the small quantity of grapes harvested this year. We will give priority to the quality of the blends, while putting aside some wines, which will be able to be part of the blends but also produce terroir-specific Champagnes if the quality of the grapes and base wines are confirmed throughout tastings.”