The true Caviar pioneers

Date: 13-Sep-2017

Caviar, one of the world’s oldest delicacies, even before the time of Champagne, has exceptional qualities that have formed the products high reputation. Coveted by kings and tsars, its prestige has not shifted in centuries – people today still spend a lofty amount to get their hands on this delicious and iconic product.
Sturia is the flagship brand of Sturgeon, the leading French caviar producer. They have pioneered sturgeon farming in France for 20 years. Having years of expertise in not only the production of caviar but the preparation and food pairings, means Sturia know how to best enjoy it. Caviar is a subtle, complex food. It can be firm, crisp, fresh, delicate or powerful, reflecting iodine and fresh hazelnut notes. It allows chefs to be creative with their dishes and enhance the qualities of each style of caviar.
As caviar evolves it develops different flavours, textures and palate persistence as the months go by. Sturia Vintage caviar is their signature, associated with a rounded firmness and explosion in the mouth of fruity, iodized flavours. It is recommended simply served on a pearl spoon, the tin placed on ice beforehand. The Vintage is one of the top ambassadors of Sturia and its flavour and texture put it amongst the best.