Northern Rhône - The Terrific Trio

Date: 10-04-2018

As we enter the cooler seasons it is time to pick up the weighty, bolder reds that winter demands. We have a whole lot of outstanding wines from the Northern Rhône that will get us through the months of hibernation ahead. We touched on the past three vintages in our Northern Rhône newsletter but let’s take a closer look into the trio that will blow your socks off; 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Here we begin with 2015, a vintage that we believe is well worth buying. It’s the product of a hot and dry summer and rain that was timed well for perfect ripening in late August and early September. The weather, growing season and harvest has established an exceptional vintage for both reds and whites. The reds showing great structure and a rich body and the whites are pure and vivacious.

A year later we have wines that almost match the great 2015 vintages. 2016 started off with a cooler and wetter spring with hail storms striking Hermitage. This cut the yields by two-thirds, but quality wasn’t necessarily compromised! A turn for the better in July brought hot, dry weather right through until October. All things considered, it was a great harvest with superb reds and fantastic whites.

The 2017 vintage is characterised in two words: small and quality. It has so far been reported as excellent, but it is the smallest harvest in decades. The 2017 vintage holds yet another record, this is one of the earliest vintages yet! The grapes were picked two weeks earlier than the year before in both the North and the South. We are excited to see the potential, but so far so good.

So grab a glass and explore!