En Primeur - Help

What is En primeur?

En primeur Bordeaux are wines that are sold while still in the barrel and before being bottled.

In April, barrel samples are tasted in Bordeaux by the trade and wine journalists, and from early May the Chateaux start to offer their wines for sale. This process can take several months.

At Maison Vauron we always purchase before offering to you, so you can be confident we have secured an allocation. You will see the wines either through an email offer or on the website. Your order will be subject to confirmation.


Payment for EP orders is split into two parts.

The first payment is due on invoice in July/August at the end of the campaign.

The second payment which represents duty, excise, freight, bottling charges and gst, is invoiced and paid for when the wine arrives in two years time (you will see an estimated 2nd payment next to the 1st payment price on the website).


Steps to buy En primeur

To buy En primeur wines on Maison Vauron’ s website, you need to follow these steps

To Assist, if unclear please refer to the FAQ’s noted below or contact Maison Vauron.


  • Create an account if you do not have one.
  • Login to your account on the website. You will need your username and password.


There are 2 ways to view EP wines that are available to order.

  1. Browse the En primeur wines via the following path from the top banner “Wines/En primeur”. This will display ALL WINES BEING OFFERED UNDER EP
  2. Via the “En primeur” menu in the top banner. This will highlight all the campaigns that have been created and promoted-does not necessarily reflect all EP product.


Choose the wines you would like to buy 

  • Select wines, enter quantity.
  • Add it to your EP order.
  • Once you are happy with your EP order, send the EP order to Maison Vauron - click on SEND.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that order has been sent and received by Maison Vauron.


EP Order Received and Reviewed 

  • An email of this order will be received by Scott Gray- who will in turn contact you if any issues arise.
  • Scott will review and confirm order. You will receive an email about your approved EP order.
  • Once your EP order is approved, you know you are committed to these wines.
  • You can place as many EP order as you need.


Review EP Orders 

  • You can review all your EP order via your account.
  • You cannot change an EP order once it is sent, but you can see the details and totals of them.
  • Note Status of an order is either Pending Approval or Approved


EP Campaign Ends

  • Once the En primeur campaign is finished, Maison Vauron will send you an invoice covering all the quotes that have been approved.
  • The first payment is due on invoice.

Prior To Goods Arriving -estimated as being mid 2026 for the 2023 campaign

  • Maison Vauron will send you another invoice for the second payment.
  • The second payment is due on invoice.
  • Maison will make contact and provide an update as to when you can expect delivery of your EP order and finalise timing for collection or make arrangements for either delivery or courier.



a.      How to create an account on the website if you do not have one

  • Go to our website. On the header, click on “Set up account”.
  • Add your contacts details. Make sure that information is right because Maison Vauron will use them to communicate with you.
  • Make sure to remember your password as you will need it to login each time you want to do an EP order.


b.      How to login to your account on the website

  • Go to our website.
  • On the header, write your email address and password.
  • Click on “Login”.


c.      What if I forget my password?

  • If you forgot your password, you could change it.
  • Click on “login” in the header of our website.
  • Click the “Forgot password” button.
  • On the “Forgotten your password?” page, write your email address in the suitable field. Then click the “Send me a password reset email” button.
  • You will receive an email. Click the link in this email.
  • A new page will open called “Enter a new password”.
  • Enter your new password and confirm it in the suitable fields.
  • Your password needs to be at least 8 characters, contains at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character.
  • Then click the “Reset my password” button.
  • Your password has now been changed.
  • You can now login with your email address and new password.


d.      How can I order En primeur wines?

  • The way to order En primeur wines is different than ordering regular wines on Maison Vauron’s website. It goes through an EP order process to ensure we can fulfil your order, as the quantities are very limited.
  • Follow the explained steps above on this page.


e.      Where do I find En primeur wines on the website?


f.        What is the “Add to EP order” button?

  • The “Add to EP order” button is your way to ask for the En primeur wines you are interested in.
  • En primeur wines are available in a very limited quantity. To ensure Maison Vauron can fulfil your wish, you need to add the En primeur wines to your EP order.


g.      Why can’t I “add to EP order” every product?

Regular wines and other products cannot be added to an EP order. You can purchase them as usual by adding them to your cart and going via the check out.


h.      How can I add a En primeur wine to my EP order?

  • Prior to sending order to Maison Vauron, your order is treated as being in progress. It can be viewed under MY EP ORDER.
  • You can update and make as many changes as possible to this order prior to sending.
  • To add a En primeur wine to your EP order, select the En primeur wine you are interested in, change the quantity if you want more than one bottle and click to “Add to EP order”.


  • By adding to your order, you will arrive to “My EP order” page, which is a recap of your ongoing EP order. You can add as many En primeur wine you want.


  • You have only one ongoing EP order at a time.


i.        How to modify my ongoing EP order?

  • Go to your account. You can access it through the header on our website “My account” when you are connected.
  • Go at the bottom of the new page. You can see “View my current EP order request”. Click on the link. You are now in your ongoing EP order.
  • If you want to add or remove some quantity of an En primeur wine that is already in your EP order, change the number in the “quantity” column, and click the “save” button.


  • If you are no longer interested in a product displayed in your EP order, click “Remove” on the line of the product.


  • If you want to add another En Primeur wine, follow the “Wine/En primeur” menu and select the wine you want to add to your EP order.


j.        How to send my EP order for approval to Maison Vauron?

Once you are happy with your EP order, you need to send it to Maison Vauron.

  • To do so, go to your account. You can access it through the header on our website “My account” when you are connected.
  • Go at the bottom of the new page.
  • You can see “View my current EP order request”. Click on the link.
  • You are now in your ongoing EP order.
  • Then, click the “Send” button. You will receive an email with a recap of your EP order.

Be careful, once you sent the EP order, you cannot change it anymore! You can only remove it, which will delete the EP order entirely.

You can ask for another EP order once your current EP order has been sent to approval.


k.      Where can I see my sent EP order?

You can see your sent EP orders on your account.

  • Go to “My account” once you are login.
  • Then go to “View my EP orders”.
  • You can see all your sent EP orders, their details by clicking on their name, their status of approval and the total of the EP order.


l.       What happen to my EP order once I sent it?

Once you have sent your EP order, we will confirm receipt.

If we are unable to fulfil the order, we will contact you by phone or email to discuss options.


You will receive an email with a recap of the confirmed EP order.

You can also see on your account, on the “View my EP orders” page, that the status of approval has changed from PENDING APPROVAL to APPROVED.

You can click on the name of the EP order to see the details.


m.   What happen after I receive my approved EP order?

You can create as many EP orders as you wish.

At the end of the campaign, your orders will be consolidated into one invoice and sent to you.

This invoice will cover the first payment.

In 2026, you will receive an invoice for the second payment.