Pyrenees Chevre Bethmale

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Bethmale is the most typical cheese from the Eastern Pyrénées, originating in “Pays de Couseran” in the Ariège close to the Spanish border. The cheese derives its name from the Bethmale Valley where it was originally produced. The legend says that Bethmale was a favorite of Louis VI's in the 12th Century.

The taste is truly unique: a zingy tingle on the tongue, but with a mellow and nutty overall sensation. Aromas are pleasantly pungent, smelling of damp cellar and earth. Flavours are mild, very rich, milky and buttery with notes of grass, wood and mushrooms. The rind is washed, giving it a rosy glow. The semi-soft supple interior is dotted with tiny pinholes.

Bethmale is a fantastic cheese for a cheeseboard. It pairs easily with wines of the Languedoc and goes perfectly with sweet accompaniments like fig confit.

Technical Information
Origin Pyrenees, France
Type pressed uncooked, semi-soft
Milk pasteurised cow's milk
Rind natural
Texture supple
Flavour floral, lactic, nutty hints
Aroma pungent, earthy

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