Gruyere Suisse Fribourg

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The peaceful scenery of the Gruyère region is home to the black and white Fribourg cows which provide the milk for the strongly flavoured Gruyère cheese. Produced since at least 1115 in the region surrounding the small town of Gruyère, it is still made today in the village cheese factories according to the traditional recipe.

With its subtle and sophisticated taste Gruyère AOP is much appreciated by connoisseurs around the world. Usually cured anywhere from 8-10 months, it has a sweet, nutty flavour, with a hint of fruity taste. It takes a place of honour on all cheese- boards.

As well as a good way of finishing a meal, it also lends itself to the preparation of tasty hot dishes. Besides, no fondue is an authentic fondue without genuine “Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland” cheese. It also pairs well with white and red Burgundy wines.

Technical Informations
Origin Fribourg, Switzerland
Type pressed, cooked, hard
Milk unpasteurised cow's milk
Rind natural
Texture supple
Flavour aromatic, fruity, nutty
Aroma mild

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