FCC Waxed Cheddar 100g

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A sweet and tangy Cheddar cheese with a particularly creamy texture and an occasional crystal caused by long maturing. This cheese is made using traditional Cheddar methods before being matured for at least 14 months. After grading and to ensure it has developed the necessary full, sweet flavour and tangy bite, it is formed then dipped into burgundy wax. These little rounds come in a range of sizes that fit nicely in hampers, cheese boxes and on grazing boards.

Technical Information
Cheesemaker Made for The Fine Cheese Co.
Origin British Isles
Type Semi hard
Milk Pasteurized cow's milk
Rind Waxed
Texture Creamy, Occasional Crunchy Crystals
Flavour Hint of sweetness, Tangy
Aroma hints of nuttiness, earthy

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