Santa's Kitchen

Date: 14-Nov-2018

Chef Gilles is cooking for you!

Take the hassle out of Christmas and indulge your guests with authentic French delicacies.

All meals below are homemade and gluten free.
SOLD OUT - We're no longer taking orders - sorry!

  • Fourme d’Ambert cream, walnuts and Jurançon wine jelly 125g - glass jar $16
  • Duck foie gras and rillette, fig jelly 125g - glass jar $19.50
  • Duck liver and foie gras parfait, Sauternes wine jelly 125g - glass jar $19.50
  • Escargots, wild mushroom ragout and Chablis 500g - glass jar (serves 4) $39.50
  • Pork, green peppercorn and Armagnac rillette - vac pack $7.50/100g
  • Classic duck rillette - vac pack $7.50/100g
  • Wild venison and Black Trumpet mushroom rillette - vac pack $7.50/100g
  • Cured Akaroa salmon marinated with lemon vodka and fine herbs - vac pack $18/200g