Rhone Valley

The Rhone Valley is a fascinating place and a complex vineyard and also one closed to Jean-Christophe’s heart as it is where his ancestors set up their wine business; at once one of the most ancient vineyard areas of France, and yet also one of the most dynamic.

Geographically and stylistically, it really needs to be treated as two regions. The deeply terroir-driven Northern Rhone is a natural extension of the Burgundian philosophy, while the distinctly Mediterranean-influenced Southern Rhone is almost the complete antithesis of it, with some traditional practices more akin to those of Italy than France. They are separated by a large swathe of vine-free no-man’s land from Valence to Montelimar.

The region has been in overdrive since the late 1980s, both in quality and reputation. Demand for Rhone wines has never been higher than in the last ten years. Serious producers such as Clape, Chave, Rayas and Jamet have been making astounding wines through perfectionist viticulture and sensitive winemaking. 

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